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Posts by Lucas Tierney

Curb Appeal

two story home with manicured lawn and nicely trimed trees and shrubs.

The attractiveness of your home or cabin from street view is considered curb appeal. The first impression from a new neighbor, visiting friend or even the mail carrier is going to be the curb appeal of your home. They are going to make their judgement on your home far before they get a chance to…

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Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care in Michigan

Fall is just around the corner.  As autumn approaches many of us know what is coming… leaves, leaves, leaves!! Fall lawn care is inevitable and should not be overlooked. Although it may not be fun or convenient, fall cleanup is very important for the health of your plants, yard and home or cottage. Most people…

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Michigan Deer Baiting Ban

whitetail buck standing in a field

        The Michigan Deer Baiting ban has left Michigan whitetail deer hunters without many options. After years of hunters getting into the habit of hunting over bait piles they must learn to adapt to have a successful whitetail deer hunting season. Many hunters spend most of the year looking forward to fall.…

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