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Fall Lawn Care

fall lawn care

Fall is just around the corner.  As autumn approaches many of us know what is coming… leaves, leaves, leaves!! Fall lawn care is inevitable and should not be overlooked. Although it may not be fun or convenient, fall cleanup is very important for the health of your plants, yard and home or cottage. Most people can agree that this can be a time consuming chore that can lead to aches of many kinds. Make sure your property doesn’t get overlooked this fall.

fall lawn care

Things to remember for Fall Lawn Care

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous and dirty, but if not done can lead to future headaches. When gutters get full they get heavy, and do not do their job properly. It is Important to add gutter cleaning to your fall checklist.

Pruning back shrubs and plants in the fall can lead to a beautiful spring, and help the health of your plants. Cleaning up leaves can be a dreaded task. Noisy and heavy leaf blowers are not attractive and leaves can become overbearing. Most people can agree that Leaf Removal is far from a fun chore, but simply needs to be completed with the fall check list.

If your home or cottage is near West Branch, MI and you could use help with your Fall lawn care needs give Red’s a Call! Get your “to do list” done, relax and Call Red’s 

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